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Chinese Motherwort: A Time-Honored Tonic for Women's Health and Heart Support

Name: Chinese Motherwort

Latin Name: Leonurus cardiaca

Chinese Name: Yì Mǔ Cǎo Herb

Class/Action: Heart Tonic, Relaxant, Emmenagogue

Flavors: Bitter

Energetics: Cooling

Traditional Benefits: Heart support, stress support, women's health, digestive support

Motherwort, or Leonurus cardiaca, is a heart-soothing herb that embraces you in a comforting, calming embrace, living up to its name of "lion's heart." Known as Yì Mǔ Cǎo in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Motherwort carries a bitter flavor and cooling energetics that can bring balance to the body and mind.

Widely praised for its heart support, Motherwort serves as a tonic for the cardiovascular system. Its traditional use in supporting a healthy heart rhythm and healthy blood pressure levels within the normal range is a testament to its holistic power. Its name, 'cardiaca,' even signifies its close connection to heart health.

Motherwort's reach extends to the emotional realm as well. Known for its calming properties, this herb is often used to soothe feelings of stress and anxiety. By promoting a balanced mood and a peaceful mind, Motherwort can be a helpful companion during periods of heightened tension.

In addition to heart and emotional support, Motherwort has a long history of use in women's health. As an emmenagogue, it supports menstrual health, promoting regular menstrual cycles and alleviating discomfort associated with them. Furthermore, it has traditionally been used to support women during menopause, providing comfort during this natural transition.

Motherwort, like a compassionate mother, gently nurtures your body, supporting you through various life stages and challenges, thereby echoing the wisdom of holistic care.

Chinese Motherwort plant illustration


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