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White Peony Root: An Ancient Root for Balanced Health and Harmony

Name: White Peony Root

Latin Name: Paeonia lactiflora

Chinese Name: Bai Shao Herb

Class/Action: Nourishing, Astringent, Cooling

Flavors: Bitter, sour, slightly sweet

Energetics: Cooling, tonifying

Traditional Benefits: Liver support, menstrual support, skin health, immune support, stress relief, digestive support

White Peony Root, scientifically named Paeonia lactiflora, is one of the oldest herbs in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Referred to as Bai Shao in Chinese, it translates to "white plant," an apt name given its white flowers and pale root. The root of this plant is used for its myriad of health benefits.

Traditionally, White Peony Root is known for its nourishing and cooling properties. As a nourishing herb, it provides the body with essential nutrients that support overall vitality and wellness. Its cooling properties help balance internal heat, promoting a healthy inflammatory response.

A standout quality of White Peony Root is its liver support. In TCM, it's believed to nourish the liver and smooth its flow, promoting overall liver health. This is particularly beneficial in managing emotions, as the liver is linked to emotional well-being in TCM.

White Peony Root also holds a special place in women's health. It's often used to support menstrual health, helping to ease discomfort and balance hormones. The root's nourishing properties can also assist in maintaining the natural cycle and promoting reproductive health.

The root is also known for its astringent properties, which can contribute to skin health. Topically applied, White Peony Root can help maintain the skin's natural elasticity and brightness.

Moreover, White Peony Root is known to support immune health, contributing to the body's natural defenses. Its stress-relieving properties can also assist in maintaining mental well-being, providing a calming effect on the mind and body.

To sum up, White Peony Root, with its nourishing, astringent, and cooling properties, makes a beneficial addition to any herbal wellness routine. From supporting liver health, aiding menstrual wellness, promoting skin health, to relieving stress, this delicate root is a potent botanical ally in maintaining holistic health.

White Peony Root


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